If you enjoy the fast-paced world of car sales and love providing exceptional customer service, please send your applications to

Life At 605 Auto Sales

1. Sales Associates

What makes a great sales associate?

605 Auto Inc. believes what you're selling – and the environment you're selling in – is a huge part of the answer. That’s why we’re committed to giving you a jump-start over the competition on both accounts. 

20+ brands to better serve your customers

From the Toyota Corolla to the Mercedes-Benz E Class and the Ford Focus to the Chevrolet Camaro, we have a make and model for every driver. The result? More choices for the customer — and more sales for you.

The key component of our sales strategy? 
Respect for the customer.

We don't believe in high pressure tactics that often cast auto sales in a negative light. 605 Auto Inc pricing is simple and straightforward, always giving the customer a great deal to begin with. We also have extended guarantee on any used vehicle sold. No hassles. No problems. Just  happy customers.

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