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Dealers' role strong despite changing industry

Michigan dealer Wes Lutz says consumers will continue to buy vehicles, making dealers' futures strong despite challenges such as stair-step incentive programs.

Technician shortage among top challenges

Texas dealer Charlie Gilchrist, the incoming chairman of the National Automobile Dealers Association, also is concerned about consumer affordability and maintaining profit margins as new-vehicle sales slide.

Lexus dealers are hungry for more SUVs

The outgoing head of the Lexus dealer council said the brand could use a Cadillac Escalade fighter -- a big, three-row luxury SUV -- but there are other considerations beyond what dealers want, such as how vehicles fit into the brand's regulatory plans.

Ford dealer: Customers unaffected by shake-up

An $11 billion global restructuring has raised questions on Wall Street and made white-collar workers nervous, but the Ford brand dealer council president says it's not on customers' minds.

Buick, GMC dealers expecting higher profits

Streamlined factory rewards programs and the redesigned GMC Sierra should help increase profits this year for Buick and GMC dealers.